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The Spirit Show

Psychic Oracle

Oracle Shop

Mind, Body, Soul

Psychic Oracle is an interactive psychic show that enables viewers to send in messages and  receive a reading on air during the show. Viewers can book private telephone readings by appointment with featured psychics after the show.

Oracle Shop is teleshopping bringing you the best and most sought after treasures from the spiritual and psychic world.

Carrie Kirkpatrick, Francesca McDonald and Anya Hastwell bring you interviews with key speakers and exhibitors  from the Mind, Body, Soul Experience at Olympia.

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Oracle Television broadcasts onto multiple web platforms including facebook, twitter and our own website.


Our shows include  Mind Body Soul, a series of interviews with leading practitioners at the Mind Body Soul Experience in Olympia;  Psychic Oracle, an interactive psychic chat show featuring psychic readings on air and masterclasses on psychic development; The Spirit Show, featuring leading platform mediums demonstrating their mediumship and discussing their personal experiences of working with Spirit; and Oracle Shop, a spiritual online shopping channel.


Our interactive psychic shows offer one to one consultations with leading experts form the spiritual world. To book an appointment with one of our studio guests call 020 7193  6457.


The Spirit Show features international Mediums demonstrating their mediumship and discusssing their experiences of working with Spirit. Viewers can book appointments with our guest mediums after the show.

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Eye Opening News

Halloween Special

Eye Opening News brings you news and updates on events in the spiritual world

Oracle TV's Halloween Special looked at the history of 'The Witches' Coven' in Queens Woods, Highgate, London. Featuring notable guests from the occult world.